Wednesday, June 29, 2011

CLARA C -"Use Somebody" + "Fallin' For You" by Kings of Leon and Colbie Cai...

Two posts in one day, both featuring the same peeps. This one was too good not to share. Diggin' on Cara C's voice...

mad skillz

A search for "electric violin" on YouTube led me to this. Two uber talented artists' cover of "Nothin On You." Clara C and Jason Yang completely rock it here. Cute, charming and obviously endlessly creative (not to mention again, enviably talented).... Check 'em out on YouTube. They've got several collaborations with other aspiring musicians and singers.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

60s ranch-style furnishings

I recently watched the original Parent Trap movie and I couldn't help but notice how kitschy cool the Napa House was furnished. It sort of reminded me of my grandparents' home back in the 1970s when they still had many of their 1960s furnishings.

First off, I'm loving the openness of the Napa House. How cool would it be to have a living room entry that's as spacious as this? I'm loving the stone walls and dark wood beams. The heavy, dark wood furniture is a nice complement to the big open space.

White furniture and light earth tones helps give space a lighter, more feminized feel. I wonder if that circular table is made of stone? My grandparents had a similar coffee table. Round, big and heavy, it was made of carved marble. Sigh... what I would give to have that table now.

I've always loved narrow feet on furniture. I think it makes the piece so much more elegant.

As a teenager, I would have loved having this as my bedroom. Heck, I'd love it for me now. The lamps, the ornate headboard, the white furniture with gold accents. So fun and feminine.

This hanging vanity is genius! The gold chains give it a nice touch. I can totally see using this idea for my daughter's room when she gets older.

While I'm not completely sold on the color schemes used here, I think the overall design idea of the Parent Trap set is still so relevant today. A change of color palette could be all that's needed to completely update the look.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

to my dad

My dad... He's usually the one laughing the loudest in the room. His booming voice is really quite good for that. Easygoing and affable, he's game for anything. Besides golf, I really do believe that his most favorite thing to do is share a meal (and a raucous laugh or two) with friends and family. He also happens to be one of the most generous people I know. Always ready and willing to give. No wonder he is so loved by many.

Thanks Dad, for showing us the value of faith, family, kindness and generosity. Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

pixies and pirates

Oh dear. Once again, life has taken over and I've neglected my beloved creative outlet (i.e. this blog). My apologies, my darlings.

It's been a couple of months and boy, has it been busy. Lots of social and professional obligations. I finally went on my girls' trip to Palm Springs. I promise to post some pics next week. We stayed at the fabulously chic Parker Palm Springs. Super cool atmosphere coupled with the friendliest service. It was the perfect girls weekend getaway.

As of now I'm eyeballs deep in party planning. My dear little miss Mia will be turning 5 in July. We had originally thought of doing a Wonderland party, but she is currently enamored with all things fairy. We recently went to a Pixies in the Park charity event benefiting Pitcher Park in Old Towne Orange. Old Towne Orange is a cute little enclave where neighborhood streets are lined with restored Victorian homes. Anyway, the ladies in charge of the event did a wonderful job turning the charming little park into a veritable land of fairy enchantment. Mia and I were inspired!

So, this year we're opting for a Pixies and Pirates party. I think the key to pulling off a perfectly enchanting party is the details. And right now, I am undeniably deep in the details. My dining room has been overtaken by tulle (for decoration), flowers (I'm making jeweled flower hairpieces for the girls) and tissue paper in an array of colors (for hanging paper poms). It's a lot and it's only the beginning. I'm sure as party day draws near, it might get even more chaotic. But Mia is so excited. And really, so am I. Fairy parties are kind of one of the reasons why I so enjoy having a daughter! :)

Below are other photos I'm using as inspiration...

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