Tuesday, November 9, 2010

the graceful and loyal crane

I've always loved origami -- the traditional Japanese folk art of paper folding. I love the beautifully printed, sometimes gilded, always colorful sheets of paper. I love the concentration it takes to precisely fold a single paper square, manipulating it just so. And I'm always delighted when all that folding results in nothing short of miniature sculpture. My favorite of all origami shapes is the majestic crane.

According to Japanese culture, the crane symbolizes honor and loyalty. It is a beautiful, graceful and strong bird that is extremely loyal to its partner. And actually, it's one of few animals that mate for life. As such, the crane has become a popular symbol for weddings and anniversaries.

I've been thinking of using an origami crane theme for my parents' anniversary dinner. They've been married for 35 years. Amazing, right? With four boisterous kids, I'm sure those years haven't always been easy. Definitely an inspiration...

Love these paper crane cupcakes. On a side note, I was thinking these would make a great children's birthday party idea. A variety of origami animals atop cupcakes would be adorable. You could also set up an origami craft table complete with paints, glue, beads and rhinestones for kids to have fun with.

Colorful cranes serve as a backdrop for a wedding banquet.

A curtain of cranes surround a wedding couple.

Paper crane cake toppers, place cards, invitations, decor and even a fabric crane boutonierre.
The possibilities are endless!

(Images via weddingpaperdivas.com, hostessblog.com, thegirlinthepinkweddingdress.com)

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