Sunday, January 16, 2011

summer in january

This weekend brought us 80-degree summer weather right in the middle of January. Ah yes, another reason to love Southern California! The beach called out to us. So we (and by "we" I mean the two instigators above) decided to enjoy this unusually warm January day bike riding and picnicking on the beach. My sister and her kiddos joined us in the fun. As always, the more the merrier!

Miss Mia and her trusty Razor scooter. She's quite the little speedster on this thing. And the sunglasses? Old DKNY cat eyes from my college days. She found them while rummaging through the garage one day. She thought they were "really adorable." Those are her words, not mine. Only four years old and already hunting for vintage finds. I guess apples don't really fall far from the tree.

The beach playground was the perfect place to stop, play and picnic. Mia and her cousins were super duper excited. Can't say I blame them. I mean, we had the beach, our bikes, a playground and a picnic lunch! It seriously couldn't have been more perfect.

This kid cracks me up! I've never seen someone love the swings as much as she does. You shoulda heard her too. There were screams, giggles and outright laughter peppered in between shouts of "Higher Papa!!!"

Oh yeah. This kid looooves the swings!

Cydney, aka Mia's cousin and BFF, on the monkeybars.

I was amazed the kids were actually able to monkey bar across the whole play structure. As a kid, I was never able to do that. And as an adult, I still can't. I mean dude, those monkey bars give the meanest hand blisters!

My sister Jackie, her daughter Jade and I. Jade is 14 years old and already three inches taller than I am. For the record, this photo is actually a retake. The first one had me looking like a short little elf next to my tall niece. So I borrowed a booster seat from the Gelato shop behind us and had Evan take another photo. I'm kidding. But I did sit up a lot straighter the second time around.

Mia and Mama.

The teenager frolicking in the surf... graceful and flexible.

Looking for clams, getting adequately drenched and sandy for the car ride home.

Yes, I'd say this was a triumphantly wonderful summer-in-January day.


  1. Wow!!! OMG!!! Steph, these pictures look nothing but GREAT! Congratulations, I love it! You're pro already at this! ;)


  2. What else is there to do with all the lovely sunshine. I feel like I have sand in my toes!