Friday, February 25, 2011


(From left: Cydney, Mia, Cydney's older brother Chris and Elijah)

Mia loves to spend time with her cousins. Since the four of them are so close in age, they have a way of relating to each other that just cracks me up. Mia is the youngest of them all, so sometimes she doesn't get what the older kids are trying to explain to her. But she exerts her opinion anyway. Elijah is the oldest, and quite easily the most cunning of the bunch. Cydney and Chris are the brother/sister duo. They love and fight like only brothers/sisters can. If you can eavesdrop and observe these kiddos for a day, I swear you'd have funny stories to last a lifetime. Here's a little snippet of what it's like when the four of them get together.

Mia: Mama, Elijah won't let me play with his toy!!
Elijah very calmly to Mia: Well Mia, I'm the oldest so you have to give me some respect.

Mia: Cydney, nooooooooo do it this waaaay!!!
Cydney: Mia is sooo bossy. (Rolling eyes but smiling. Cydney proceeds to do it Mia's way)

Chris: I wish you were never born! (after fighting over something)
Cydney: Well too bad. I'm already here!

Kids are clamoring to reach the top of the snowbank.
Elijah: C'mon Chris!
Chris: Wait, I'm helping Mia. She's too little. (clumsily hoists Mia by pushing her tushie up the snowbank)
Mia: I'm too liiiiittle.
Elijah: (exhales) Okaaay, here. Grab my hand. Chris, puuuuush!!
(Picture the three of them bundled in big snow jackets. Chris is huffing to push his little cousin up. Elijah is trying with all his might to pull her up. And Mia, oblivious to her cousins' plight, giggling and enjoying the clumsiness of it. She's no help at all.)

Mia: Mama, I love my cousins! They're my best friends.

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