Thursday, April 14, 2011

crossbody bags

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I spotted this photo last winter and archived it for the following reasons: 1) I love her classically casual ensemble. Her ladylike pointy heels chicly complements her tan, crewneck boyfriend sweater. And 2) I covet that 80's-style cross-body saddle bag. It's polished, simple and understated. But they just don't make simple, unadorned, smooth leather bags like that anymore. Or do they...?

Enter Nordstrom's most recent catalog (see below). Mini 80's-style, cross-body saddle bags are everywhere. Designers have resurrected their classic designs and reissued it for another go-around. I can already see these bags becoming this summer's accessory staple.

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Still, I didn't want to pay $200 for one when I knew that there's a treasure trove of classic finds on Ebay. A quick "vintage Coach bag" search yielded me a plethora of classically chic bargains. So that black cross-body saddle bag I was coveting? I believe it's a vintage Coach Prairie bag. and I bought one off Ebay in mint condition for a mere $30 including shipping. Such a steal!

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  1. Great tip about purchasing a vintage cross body bag on Ebay! I did just that and bought a go-with-everything, hands-free, quality purse that I expect to wear many times.