Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Most of you know by now that I work at an ad agency. It also happens to be an ad agency where Halloween is a really huge deal . 100% participation is expected and the department teams get downright competitive as to who's got the best costume. I've aligned myself with the creative team and together we are showing up as the cast of Mad Men. We're all pretty psyched about it mostly because it just seems so apropros. And also because we plan on drinking martinis all day Friday. :)

I think Sergio does Roger Sterling proud. A couple of martinis, a ciggy and lots of attitude are all he needs to churn out advertising genius.

My big plans to hunt down the perfect Jane Sterling outfit never came to fruition. Shame considering there are so many vintage shops lining Melrose (which is just a few miles from our office). Luckily, a below the knee black dress, a tweed cape, some vintage accessories from my own closet seemed to fit the bill. Put in a well-placed cigarette and a haughty expression and I might barely pass as Jane Sterling. Here's Nick channeling his inner Don Draper. Shaken not stirred please!

Happy Halloween, everyone!

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