Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Humbled Commuter

I'm in my third week of working at the new gig. It's been terribly busy, but luckily, I'm enjoying it. Although I will say that the traffic in Los Angeles is absolutely, incredibly, awe-inducing.

The first couple of days I'd leave a little more than two hours early to make the 40-mile trek up the 405 freeway. Then I realized that it's a matter of finding the sweet spot window and then driving alertly to ensure you're maximizing all possible lanes (i.e. lots of crazy weaving). After a couple weeks of commuting, I thought I had it handled. I had the Laws of Diminishing Traffic Returns figured out. I'd leave home in the morning as late as I dared to risk it; and then I'd obnoxiously weave and dart in between lanes, cutting off slow pokes and other semi-catatonic commuters. I took pride in driving aggressively. I got this, I'd say. The 405 ain't no thang, I bragged.

This past week brought rain to Southern California. And so the stage was set for my humbling... Today the 405 schooled me with two car accidents and a never-ending expanse of slick, wet road glowing with the hotness of brake lights galore. Three hours from Orange County to Santa Monica. At hour two, I completely surrendered and bowed down to what has to be the earthly manifestation of hades.

Besides that, I have to say that I'm enjoying the new job! LoL

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