Thursday, October 28, 2010

More Fun Things

I recently visited Mitsuwa, our local Japanese grocery store. I cruised down the snack aisle and immediately noticed how different Japanese snacks are packaged. The package designs seem less commercial, more creative, downright artistic even. For example, the engineering of gum and mint dispensers were well thought out, forward thinking and considerate of how the packaging might be of more service to the user. Gum wasn't just wrapped in flimsy, disposable papers. Instead, there were housed in pastel-colored, plastic dispensers with innovative little sliding tops. Candies were shaped to appeal both to your palate and your eyes. I was most charmed by these delightful, little packages of "dolls". So adorable and so very detailed. According to Sato, our Japanese au pair, the manufacturer of these snacks are very traditionally Japanese, known for producing their goods the old-fashioned way. True quality craftsmanship from inside and out. Gotta love it.

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