Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall Wish List Items #1 and #2: Clogs and Such

(Images by garancedore.com)

Fall is finally here! It's drizzling and overcast. The air is crisp and slightly chilly. And all I can think about is how excited I am that I can finally dress for Fall. I've been mentally keeping a Fall wardrobe wish list for the past couple of weeks. If it was written down anywhere, it would look like this:

1. Black clogs
2. Thick knitted socks and stockings to go with black clogs
3. Burberry trench (this has been on my wish list forever!)
4. Sheer blouse in a neutral color for layering (I live in California, after all)
5. Over-the-knee boots
6. Tweed blazer
7. Army green separates
8. Chunky knitted sweater

This post is obviously about Items #1 and #2 on the wish list... The perfect black clog paired with knitted socks or stockings. My perfect clog would be one that transitions well between seasons. It would have a chunky but refined heel. It would be black leather and adorned with gold-toned studs. My perfect clog would be the one worn by Garance Dore (see photo above). Hers is of a Chanel variety -- gorgeous! After some browsing on the net, I found out I can snag a pair for just under $600 on ebay. Don't think I'm not tempted...

(Images via elleuk.com and What's On With Alexa Chung)

Alexa Chung shows us different ways clogs can be worn for Fall. She's quite the fashion inspiration. As a side note, she's also designed a line for Madewell. Anyway, Alexa shows us the versatility of clogs -- (photos from L-R) pairing it with opaque tights and shorts; a frilly dress and woolen stockings; and bare-legged with just plain black socks. Psst, the brown clogs in the middle photo is also Chanel. Further proof that I should just go out and buy myself a pair of Chanel clogs, don't you think?

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