Friday, September 17, 2010

Stamps of Disapproval

These stamps crack me up. I work at an ad agency and I've gotten quite a few of these critiques myself. My all-time favorite critiques: "Are you happy with this?" and "Push it out further." I might reply to the former with, "Eh, I can live with it." But the latter usually sends me back to my desk gleefully thinking that I've just been given free license to be as creative and provocative as I want to be. At which point my boss usually has to reel me back in cause I've waded too far out.

I think I may just gift these stamps to my new executive creative director. I say new because in about two weeks, I will be starting a new job. The office is in Santa Monica, about 40 miles north of where I live. Rush hour puts my commute at two hours. One way. Yep, I know what you're thinking. I'm officially insane for taking this on. But hear me out. The agency has a great balance of for-profit and non-profit accounts. I will be working on campaigns that focus on HIV awareness, water conservation, early education for preschoolers and informing lower income families about proper nutrition. The opportunity to utilize my creativity for the benefit of people/society really sparked the do-gooder in me. Marketing with a cause. What could be better right? Wish me luck!

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