Monday, September 27, 2010

J'aime mon carre

Hermes launched their J'aime Mon Carre (i love my scarf) site in August. It features stylish girls in New York, London, Tokyo and Paris sporting their Hermes scarves in all sorts of creative, ingenious ways. Not surprisingly, each location exudes a hip vibe unique to that city. Besides it being a great marketing tool for the brand, I find that the site actually provides me with something inspiring and fun. J'aime Mon Carre serves as part lookbook and part tutorial on how to artfully wear a scarf -- a skill I previously thought only French girls could pull off :) Seriously, I've always admired how the French can throw on a square piece of silk with such panache. On a trip to Paris one year, I noticed the entire female crew of our Air France flight had on some sort of silk scarf worn in some cool, creative way. So now, I'm inspired. Check it out. You'd be surprised the countless ways one can make use of a single silk scarf.

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