Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Style Crush: Olivia Palermo

Okay, I know there's nothing real about MTV's reality show, "The City." The storylines are mind-numbingly irritating. I can barely stand to watch it. But I can't help tuning in just to see what the cast is wearing. One cannot deny the fabulousness of their wardrobe, particularly Olivia Palermo's. I am, admittedly, in complete style envy. I love how Olivia is always on-trend, yet still manages to come off as classic, modern and elegant all at the same time.

Love how she paired a chunky knitted cardigan with a sheer blouse and black pencil skirt. Looks professional but stylish and feminine as well. This is my ideal office outfit. Though I gotta say, I'd probably end up kicking off those heels under my desk when no one is looking.

Above from L-R: Olivia makes liquid leggings look classy by pairing it with simple pieces and red patent shoes. The fit of her tuxedo-style suit is perfect. Tailored just enough to give it that feminine spin. Of course, a killer Birkin bag makes for the ultimate accessory! My fave of the three though is the knitted shift minidress with the bell sleeves. It's modern-day retro at its best.

Above L-R: Olivia shows us that gray flannel (or is that tweed?) skirts don't have to be boring, leather dresses can be elegant and boho can be totally captivating and ethereal.
She even makes shorts look chic! I especially love the outfit in the middle. The floppy-bowed, white, button-down shirt reminds me of Chanel.

The New York Post's Page Six did a feature on Olivia's Tribeca apartment. Of course, her savvy sense of style is also apparent in how she's decorated her home. Doesn't hurt at all that her mother is an interior designer. I heart those tufted art deco lunge chairs! When it comes to furniture, I go completely weak for anything tufted or embellished with nailheads. As you can see, Olivia's got both those design elements in the chairs and the ottoman. For more photos of her chic pad including a truly envious closet, click HERE. The article is a little dated, but I thought you might appreciate the photos. Enjoy!


  1. I love her style, too!! Off to check out the article on her apartment... thanks for sharing! :)

  2. You're welcome, Sally! I hear she's since moved to the Upper East Side. Wonder how she's decorated her new place. Hope she kept those tufted lounge chairs because they're just fabulous pieces of furniture!

  3. I don't hate this woman - she's got the best style! I LOVE her haircut too!