Wednesday, March 9, 2011

never forget

I was looking for some vintage fashion inspiration. Then I remembered a stash of old photos I had of my mother back when she was just a teenager in the 60s. I thought, perfect!

On the back of the photos, written in my mom's flowery script, "Lilibeth's pictorial, Philippine Modeling Company 1969."

I realize that these were taken when she was 16 years old, only 6 years before she had me. It's amazing for me to look at these. She was so young. And stylish. And confident. Totally full of bravado. And don't get me wrong, my mom is ever still stylish, confident and full of bravado. But to see her at 16 years old, before I was even a glimmer in her eye. Kinda crazy.

Even more amazing is my possession of these vintage photographs. Having immigrated to the States in their 30s and with three kids in tow, my parents had to be decisive as to what they would bring with them. I'm so glad these made it.

Written on the back of one of the photos... never forget.

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