Wednesday, March 2, 2011

wednesday links

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Hello, my darlings. It's all about work travel for me this week. But I'm not complaining. In fact, Miami in March feels pretty darn good right now! It's 80 degrees, sparkling sunny and beautiful. After a late evening flight last night, the hotel wordlessly upgraded me. Imagine my gleeful surprise when I opened my room door and found myself standing in a two-story suite overlooking the water! Oh yeah baby, this is how I like to roll...

Some inspiring links for you to gobble up today:

Thanks to this tutorial, I wore this casually chic hairstyle all weekend long.

Spring is in the air with these lovely pastels.

I need new business cards. I'm liking the simple stylishness of this shop's selection.

One of my favorite home tours. Her closet is to die for!

This is perfect for summer. Simple, easy and breezy.

A bit of eye candy. Fun little things.

Newly discovered blog with a wealth of Italian recipes.

Super cute and whimsical Japanese tea party.

Have a happy wednesday everyone!

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