Tuesday, March 8, 2011

style crush: Miroslava Duma

My last style crush (Olivia Palermo) was almost a year ago. You can view that post by clicking HERE. Since then, I haven't really noticed anyone who truly and consistently stood out. Until I ran into the photo above... I was drawn to everything about her in this photo -- her strikingly dark features, chic glasses, slouchy navy pinstripe suit and refreshingly easy hairstyle. So I did some research and wow, I am in sartorial awe of this lady!

Her name is Miroslava Duma. She's a former editor at Harper's Bazaar (Russia), although now she is a freelance writer for various fashion mags. She's a fixture at fashion shows and has been photographed frequently by The Sartorialist. The daughter of a wealthy Russian senator, this lady is no stranger to designer labels. But what I find so fascinating about her is that she has a fairly petite and curvy frame, yet she manages to pull off even the most challenging silhouettes. Surely not an easy feat. Being a petite gal myself, I so love and admire that about her!

Love this slouchy, navy pinstripe suit. I've been wanting one just like it. :) I especially dig that she paired it with a simple white tank and patent clutch.

Yes darlings, that is a teal crocodile Hermes Kelly bag.

I don't know anyone else who can pull off an all-red look with such panache. Check out the Ray Bans too.
Style and attitude!

Love how she sports a youthful but sophisticated sense of style. The jewel skirt is glitzy without being too flashy. Oversized bags can be a challenge for petite ladies, but here she's able to pull it off without it overwhelming her small frame. And look! A light denim ruffle skirt can be fashionable, especially when paired with Chanel!

Polished and pretty in Central Park.

Cannot believe she jumped up in the air like that in platform stilettos. :)

I completely admire how she pulls her looks together. A humongous coat and beanie. Leather shorts and a glittery top. Cinching a white suit jacket with a skinny belt. Fantastic!

All black with a touch of leopard.

Prada lace overlay top with jeans and black wool cape. Check out her mix of accessories: oversized gold watch, leather bracelet and silver bangles. I've always loved mixing metals and Miroslava certainly does that well here.

Camouflage skirt and a leather wraparound halter. A cinched yellow vest with a knee-length tulip skirt. Anyone who's petite knows how difficult it is to make anything knee-length work. And a structured summer dress with straw hat.

A well-deserved front seat at a fashion show.

(Images via wikifashion.com, fashionnicotine.com, citizencouture.com, thesartorialist.blogspot.com)


  1. The green Kelly bag is killing it!!! Ok, so I've been debating bangs and I am so inspired by her bangs!!! They look so cute either forward or styled back!! Thanks for sharing, I have a new style crush too!!!


  2. Oh yeah, that bag is killer alright! Not only is it crocodile, but it's green patent crocodile! Unbelievable (bowing down now)... And her bangs are totally adorable. I've been sitting here trying to adjust hair on my forehead to see if I can rock bangs. I say, you should go for it! I'm thisclose to getting them as well! LOL

  3. LOVE her! Could she get any more adorable?


  4. Hey Stephanie! I gave you a shout out on the blog today!!!